About Us

located in Norcross, GA
We are a beverage bottling and private labeler company that provides a variety of scientifically blended energy drinks formulated to support your day-to-day activity. We also provide one-source solution services for contract filling, custom blending, and food and beverage product packaging for private label, retail and food-service industries. Our slogan is – no job is too small or too large to handle.
The CEO of Bubble Sip, LLC was looking at different options for vitamin, electrolyte, multi-mineral and carbonated waters available at gas stations, and big chain stores such as Walmart, CVS and Walgreens. He noticed there was no water on the market that included vitamins, electrolytes and minerals and was also carbonated. Furthermore, he realized that all carbonated drinks were carbonated mechanically. This sparked an idea in his mind – to infuse these three (vitamins, electrolytes, minerals) in a naturally carbonated water to create a superior energy beverage without adding CO2. He discussed his idea with his scientific team, exploring how to bring a refreshing naturally carbonated vitamin, electrolyte, protein, mineral and energy drink to the public. Based on this ideology, research was conducted and INFUSION was created, along with KIDFUSION and MULTIFUSION as BUBBLE SIP, LLC’s first launching step. The technology was submitted to USPTO, to be patented as a method for creating a carbonated vitamin beverage. Bubble Sip, LLC brings you a refreshing and invigorating drink complete with important nutritional factors and increased health benefits.
Dear Respected Consumers and Valued Customers,
I greatly appreciate you and warmheartedly welcome you to our website. 
Our company’s focus is on providing health products to our consumers and customers. We believe your energy is our energy, your health is our health, your wellbeing is our wellbeing. We want our success to be measured by your satisfaction, as you are our number one advocate. With this in mind, we patented a unique invention to carbonate our beverages by using our ingredients to balance nutritional intake, rather than use mechanical carbonation (CO2). We created INFUSION and KIDFUSION, offering you a natural caffeine-free energy drink, and we also created the first ever multivitamin drink called MULTIFUSION to provide you with Vitamins A, B, C, D and E in one beverage.
We want to make sure you know what you are drinking. We created our labels with facts, not unfamiliar symbols.
We are also excited to let you know that we are working to introduce additional cutting-edge options. After our initial launch, Bubble Sip, LLC will bring you additional beverages to benefit your health such as COQ10, CBD and DHA based formulas.
Sincerely Yours,