Xeni Water & Xeni Water Plus

If drinking water is something you have to do everyday,
why not enjoy what you drink?
Bottle specifications for XENI WATER manufactured by Bubble Sip LLC
Our pH balanced XENI WATER and alkaline pH XENI WATER PLUS are processed through advanced filtration, reverse osmosis, and ozonation. This ensures that the water that you get is 100% clean and free from impurities such as bacteria, pesticides, and salts. When you drink our water we want you to get that crisp, satisfying taste that keeps you coming back for more. We have added minerals and electrolytes into the water to not only make our water taste great, but to keep you hydrated and feeling refreshed all day long. Our unique patented bottle design is made to fit every hand size and even fit in your cup holders. Pick up a bottle of our purified drinking water today to feel and taste the difference!
XENI WATER PLUS bottle manufactured by Bubble Sip LLC